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The Potter's Parlor - Making Mentors

The Knox Christian Men's Job Corps is proud to offer The Potter's Parlor - Making Mentors. This handy booklet is a valuable resource for training mentors for the Christian Men's Job Corps. Being that the context of CMJC is for men to help men, it is of great importance that the helpers be helped. This manual is an easy to use tool to train mentors to do a not so easy task. The emphasis of this tool is to encourage men to get on the Potter’s Wheel so He can make them what He has intended. This manual stresses the importance of the [P.O.T.S] Prayer, Openness, Time and Study while promoting the [C.L.A.Y] Creativity, Love, Availability and Yielding. We at Knox CMJC are excited you have chosen this tool to do a great work.

If you would prefer our team to come do a Potter’s Parlor at your church or site, please contact us with your information and dates for the training and we will be glad to schedule a session with you.

Thank you again and God Bless the work He has begun…He is Faithful to finish it!

Tony Earl
Author & Site Coordinator

The Potter's Parlor Training Manual - 10 CopiesThe Potter's Parlor training booklet
10 copies - $9.99 a copy
Shipping for 10 copies - $8.99
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