Knox Christian Men's Job Corps



A Hand Off For Men



  1. Who can join the program?
    Any man 18 or older who will commit to the program has a sincere desire to becoming self-sufficient.
  2. Do you have to be a Christian or of a particular denomination to join?
    No, but you must understand that this is a Bible based program. We believe the Bible has the answer to all of life’s questions and participating in our Bible Study is part of the program. We are first and foremost, a Christian organization.
  3. Does everyone who joins get a mentor?
    Every man who demonstrates his commitment to the program is paired with a trained mentor.
  4. What does a mentor do?
    They serve as a personal support person for you spirituallyand emotionally. They meet with you at least once a week, as well as communicating by phone. They are there to advise and encourage you, as well as to serve as a source of accountability for the goals you wish to pursue.
  5. What kind of classes do you teach?
    We teach life management skills including goal-setting, problem-solving, and budgeting. We also address job readiness skills such as how to fill out a job application or prepare a resume’, professional ethics and integrity, successful interviewing, or how to dress appropriately for an interview. All classes are informational and discussion-based and no grades are given.
  6. How long is the program?
    Each cycle of classes lasts for 14 weeks. Classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00-8:00.
  7. Will you find me a job?
    We are not a job referral service or an employment agency. Our focus is to strengthen your life as a whole so that you are better equipped and prepared to seek out and find employment. We can help with referrals, but we cannot get the job for you.
  8. Do I have to come every week?
    In order to graduate from our program, you must have at least an 80% attendance rate. Missing more than one class in each four-week module will result in the entire module being repeated.